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2 min readMar 22, 2021

An Open Letter to Parents of the Class of 2025

Oh yeah baby! It is that time of year! Elite US Colleges will begin to release their regular decision notifications to class of 2025 applicants this week.

Welcome to Gay’s World, where we have been there, done that when it comes to college admissions. We have experienced the incredible thrill of victory, and the agonizing agony of defeat.

We parents must come together as we await the fate of our beloved offspring, our cherubs, yes, our children. We must form a prayer circle, as we pray to the College Admissions Gods to accept our prized possessions to their elite colleges.

My fellow brethren, let’s face it. The gloves are off. This is D-Day. Your livelihood as a parent is on the line. Your kid applying to college is not about them, it is all about you. We know it’s true.

An acceptance to an elite college is every parent’s dream come true. Your child’s acceptance to a Harvard or Yale is the ultimate validation of parenthood. The swag that accompanies this golden ticket is the Instagram ‘shout-out’ to friends, the bumper sticker on your Range Rover, and the tee-shirt.

Now is the time for my fellow over-zealous parents to anesthetize themselves, in a futile attempt to minimize the anxiety that accompanies ‘waiting’ to hear from the twenty colleges your kid applied regular decision to.

Rest assured, I know you have done everything within your power to get your kid accepted to your, I mean their, dream elite college. You have sacrificed so much of your own life to create a brilliant, accomplished, super-child. A Harvard, Penn, or Yale would be foolish not to admit your kid to the class of 2025.

Fellow parents, just take a deep-breath, relax, do a down-ward dog yoga pose, chug a vodka, and repeat the mantra “I know she will get accepted”.

I wish you all luck!

We will circle back with this conversation when the dust settles!


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