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Waiting for College Admissions Decision Day!

Anxious nerdy youngster asking for help, by Kegfire

Well, it is that time of year again! Nervous and anxious high school seniors waiting to learn their college admissions fate!

Will it be Door #1: Accepted, Door #2: Rejected, or Door #3 Waitlisted?

Only the Dean Knows An Applicant’s College Destiny!

True! Only the Dean knows who will be accepted, rejected or waitlisted. The student’s academic future is in the hands of the almighty Dean of Undergraduate Admissions. Pray to the Dean!

Parents are Powerless in the College Admissions Process

1. Parents are not part of the college admissions process.

2. A parent cannot advocate on behalf of their child to the Dean.

3. The die is cast.

4. Parents cannot manipulate the College Admissions Process.

Speaking from experience, this is the part of the admissions process that is laden with mass amounts of anxiety. And honey, I am not talking about the student, I am referring to the parents. Prozac is not strong enough to quell these fears. My girlfriend Linda would recommend a Klonopin with a vodka chaser!

Parents tend to forget that the admissions process and hopeful acceptance to a top college is of the utmost importance to the student. This is not about the parent — they had their college experience.

Even though parents groomed their child for a lifetime of profound achievement and success, it is the student who worked their tush off in and out of school for the better part of their childhood. It is the student who ‘owns’ the college application, not the parent. The submitted application represents the embodiment of the student’s academic and extracurricular achievement.

For better or worse, the angst of waiting for the college admissions decision rests on the student. Yes, engaged parents share that angst, however, the student sealed their own fate when they submitted the completed application to admissions.

Thus mama, take your sedative and chill out!

Top 12 Things to Do While a Student and Parent Wait for the Admissions Decision!

  1. Absolutely, positively No Cash/Check/Gift Card/Donation/Wine/Booze/Flowers/Edible Arrangement to Anyone in Admissions.
  2. No Bribing Allowed!
  3. If you do bribe an Admissions official or anyone in the college food chain, you can go to jail.
  4. Remember the Varsity Blues Case.
  5. Students MUST NOT be nasty to their parents!
  6. Parents should speak to their nervous kids to quell their respective anxiety!
  7. Parents should have a cocktail at dinner.
  8. Parents and students are NOT permitted to call or email admissions once the application is submitted!
  9. If there is a problem with the application, only the Guidance Counselor has the power to contact Admissions.
  10. Parents, do NOT act nervous!
  11. Keep expectations for acceptance to a top college low (real low).
  12. Unrealistic, high expectations make a rejection that much harder to swallow.

Admissions decisions will be trickling in before you know it. Keep calm and breathe easy.

WISE WORDS: When the last admissions decision is received, remember this college admissions saying: ‘Everyone gets accepted to the college that is right for him/her’.

If you have not guessed it yet, that old adage is pure bullshit! But it is a nice bandage on a bruised ego.

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