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Waiting for College Admissions Decision Day!

Anxious nerdy youngster asking for help, by Kegfire

Well, it is that time of year again! Nervous and anxious high school seniors waiting to learn their college admissions fate!

Will it be Door #1: Accepted, Door #2: Rejected, or Door #3 Waitlisted?

Only the Dean Knows An Applicant’s College Destiny!

True! Only the Dean knows who will be…

Go Away. NOW!

I do declare that COVID has gone viral!

Like duh! Yes, indeed, that genius pun came to me last night as I was
sippin’ a fine libation.

The things I think of. Oy. I know, pure genius. So, blessed. Not easy

Love Thy Neighbor

Yes…no. Love thy whaaaat?


Bagel Spread

Omg! I believe, I just might have attended a Super-Spreader Event! And no, this does NOT excite me.

The mere thought of attending a Super-Spreader causes me to break out in hives, night-sweats, and insomnia between the hours of 12:30am -3:30am. This culminates in uncontrollable bouts of anxiety.

Hallelujah girlfriends…

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