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A Forward Thinker. Humorist. Realist. Author of The Admissions Game, Application Cycle 2020–2021. A Very Former, Assistant District Attorney.

*This Article Currently Appears in the Tracy Anderson Magazine Fall 2021 Issue

The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Welcome to the good ‘ole US of A. Land of the free and the brave. And, Texas, the proud owner and divine creator of the Heartbeat Act. Those Texans, so damn creative to come up with legislation that prohibits and criminalizes abortion.

Suppression of Women’s Rights

It is true, Texas…

The Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at all U.S. colleges are currently reviewing all Regular Decision applications for the admissions cycle 2020–2021. Good luck to all the desperate applicants!

Based on record numbers of Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) applications at all top colleges, I am confident these same…

Waiting for College Admissions Decision Day!

Anxious nerdy youngster asking for help, by Kegfire

Well, it is that time of year again! Nervous and anxious high school seniors waiting to learn their college admissions fate!

Will it be Door #1: Accepted, Door #2: Rejected, or Door #3 Waitlisted?

Only the Dean Knows An Applicant’s College Destiny!

True! Only the Dean knows who will be…


An Open Letter to Parents of the Class of 2025

Oh yeah baby! It is that time of year! Elite US Colleges will begin to release their regular decision notifications to class of 2025 applicants this week.

Welcome to Gay’s World, where we have been there, done that when it…

Ask E. Jean…

Hey Girlfriends! What is the good word these days? Did your genius get accepted to their #1 choice college?

Regular Decisions Rolling In

You betcha baby! Parents are learning which colleges accepted and rejected their offspring. As I reported in previous articles, there will be a record number of shattered…

Go Away. NOW!

I do declare that COVID has gone viral!

Like duh! Yes, indeed, that genius pun came to me last night as I was
sippin’ a fine libation.

The things I think of. Oy. I know, pure genius. So, blessed. Not easy

Love Thy Neighbor

Yes…no. Love thy whaaaat?


Bagel Spread

Omg! I believe, I just might have attended a Super-Spreader Event! And no, this does NOT excite me.

The mere thought of attending a Super-Spreader causes me to break out in hives, night-sweats, and insomnia between the hours of 12:30am -3:30am. This culminates in uncontrollable bouts of anxiety.

Hallelujah girlfriends…

Norman Rockwell “Before the Shot”

Really? The phrases our society comes up with these days…

Pandemic Life OVER!

I for one, thought COVID was in my rear-view mirror. Or that is what I wanted to believe.

Yeah baby! I began to embrace the new ‘roaring 20’s’ and was makin’ plans! For many months, we have…


Mask up! (Braces optional!)

It’s happenin’ again! Shiat!

Time to wear the mask baby! Whether you like it or not, COVID is here to stay. Think of this as shiat on a shoe. Even if you think you removed it from your shoe, it’s still there. That smell. …

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